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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the data generated?

At Lanternoid, we collect reviews from platforms such as Amazon or Goodreads. In the book review page, we show you the number of reviews processed from each platform, and the latest date of the collected reviews.

Lanternoid has also its own data: You can add +1 to displayed review content that you think accurately describes the book and tag information that has been helpful to you.

What is "Lanternoid Score"?

Each book has a score. Lanternoid calculates the score by considering the content of the reviews and it does not consider the star rating of the reviewers as people have different criteria for star ratings. This will avoid biased rating and you can use it for a comparison between multiple options.

What is "Most mentioned in reviews"?

We have an automated way to process the review texts coming from the third-party platforms. The first step is to extract and compress relevant information from the reviews. This is where we find attributes such as "great" or "intense". We then group and categorise these attributes based on their meaning and the relation to each other. They are grouped by similarity ("Related"), or opposition in meaning ("Opposite"), and categorised depending on whether they have a positive ("Positive"), neutral ("Neutral"), or negative ("Critical") meaning. For example, "great" is related to "fascinating" and "awesome". It is opposite to "bad".

What is "Most mentioned topics in reviews"?

We have also collected the most mentioned topics by the reviews. Related topics are also grouped in this case.

What is "Reviewers recommend it to..."?

You may also find to whom the reviewers referred the book to.

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